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Eligibility criteria


You must be a permanent employee on your company's UK payroll and be between 19 and 70 years of age.


The salary sacrificed must not take you below the national living wage or minimum wage as appropriate.

Driving experience and licence

You must have at least one year’s driving experience with a UK/EU driving licence.

Fault incidents

You must not have more than 2 at fault incidents in the previous 2 years and not been subject to a driving ban in the last 5 years.

Licence points

You must have no more than 6 points on your driving licence record in the past 5 years.

Family Members

Your immediate family residing in the same household may also drive the vehicle*.

*Immediate family is defined as; Mother, Father, Brother Sister (not In Laws) Children & Stepchildren. Must be over the age of 21. Immediate family members outside of your household may be accepted at Arval’s discretion. Please note that the employee is at all times, fully responsible for the vehicle and associated costs regardless of the driver of the vehicle.

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What is salary sacrifice?
This is an employer provided scheme where you can agree to give up part of your cash pay or salary in exchange for services or goods.
These are well established with “Bike to Work” and pension schemes. The difference with this is that in exchange for part of your salary, your employer will agree to provide you with an insured company vehicle that is also maintained and on which road tax is paid.

You will no longer pay tax or National Insurance (NI) on the salary that you sacrifice. You will however pay tax on the company car that you receive in return, but depending on the car that you choose, you can minimise this cost. You will not pay any NI costs on the car.

This salary sacrifice product is provided as part of your flexible benefits scheme.
Is salary sacrifice right for me?
In order to benefit from the tax savings, HMRC requires that the salary sacrifice is a change to your terms and conditions, reducing your contractual salary, rather than something employees can simply opt in and out of. For this reason, employees are required to enter the Scheme on a longer term basis. Entering into any long-term financial commitment should be considered thoroughly. Procuring a new car via salary sacrifice is no different.

You should satisfy yourself that a company car will meet your lifestyle needs throughout the duration of the contract and that you understand the associated obligations.